The Ookleberry Tree

The Ookleberry Tree is a children's style book written for adults that tells the tale of a misfit girl who creates an imaginary universe where she makes friends, and together, they embark on a magical adventure.   Written by Judy Choi and photographed by Francis George.

dark poetry, poems about breaking up, judy choi, francis george,

when tomorrow hesitates...

"When tomorrow hesitates..." is part two of a trilogy that began with "the CLOUD that fell from the sky."  Judy Choi's poetry in the second book documents the emotional tortuousness of being in a relationship and the mental vacillation of holding onto or letting go of someone you love.  All poems are interpreted through imagery by award-winning photographer Francis George. 

poems about breaking up, sad poems, chinese american woman poet, judy choi, francis george

the unraveling of yesterday

The final book to a three part poetry series about love and loss, "the unraveling of yesterday" describes the emotional grieving in reaching the end of a relationship and the pains of separation.  Written by Judy Choi and photographed by Francis George.