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"The Cloud that Fell from the Sky"is a book to discover! Be creative and surprise your loved ones by offering the gift of art and culture. The images are superb and the poetry will connect with everyone!

Award winning photobook called an Asian Literary art object




In 2015, Judy Choi discovered in a journal the poems of her 15-year old niece, Phoenix. When she first read her poems, she couldn't believe that someone of her age could write in such an eloquent and sophisticated manner. Phoenix's poems were so beautiful, yet, poignant and tragic at the same time. She was writing poetry as a way to cope with her parents' drug addiction.

 Often sad and dark, her poems provide an introspection into the adolescent mindset, expressing the loneliness and emptiness she was feeling due to the absence of her parents from her life. 

Beautiful and tragic poem by Phoenix Brown for Tigrefou edition's book with photos by Francis George

To share her poems with the world became instantly a priority for Ms. Choi and they decided to create a book.  

"The cloud that fell from the sky" by Judy Choi, Asian bound poetry book limited first edition $75

Actual book cover

Love poem by Judy Choi, photo by Francis George. Asian coffee table Book for sale on

Ms. Choi also envisioned this book to have a strong visual identity and, to that effect, incorporate photographic imagery associated with great design.  She found the perfect partners to achieve that vision, Francis George and Mami Awamura, who have tremendous experience and have worked together on magazines and books in the past. They volunteered their expertise, time and efforts to help bring that project to life. 

To give the book a special identity and character (since Phoenix and Judy are of Chinese origin),  they decided to explore traditional Asian string book binding. 

"The Cloud that Fell from the Sky" is a first edition photographic art book that uses imagery, taken by Francis George, to interpret poetry written by Judy Choi and Phoenix Brown.

The most beautiful poetry book of the year "the cloud that fell from the sky" is a must buy book

This book is a true work of art.  To our knowledge, it is the first hard cover, fully illustrated book using high quality paper produced with this type of artisanal binding. It will become a collector's item for the discerning bibliophile and is the first volume of a three-part series.

Amazing abstract photograph by french photographer Francis George / Tigrefou editions & saatchi art

The photographic works featured in the book were produced over a period of three months and is completely original to this book. The choice of mostly abstract imagery has been deliberate and is aimed at the viewers ability to see what their own imagination allows them to see.

pages from the book "The cloud that fell from the sky" written by Judy Choi & images Francis George

The images have not been manipulated aside from color adjustments in order to be representative of the writing's rawness and the purity of the process.

The cloud that fell from the sky book by Judy Choi with delicate photographs by Francis George
francis George & Mami Awamura working on The cloud that fell from the sky book by Judy Choi/Tigrefou

Designed by Mami Awamura, "The Cloud that Fell from the Sky" is a beautiful, artistic collaboration that showcases how writing and photographs can capture the rawness of the human experience.